Rainbow Bridge

Manodeifi Sapphire 'n Steel "Barney"

Barney in snowBarney in DevonBarney was our first Smooth from Delia Moores' Manordeifi kennels and our introduction to this wonderful breed. 

Barney was a very big part of our lives and experienced many things with us.  Barney attended several Rough and Smooth Collie Training Association Fun Days and gained his Kennel Club Good Citizen's Bronze Award at one of these.  He went on many camping holidays with us, exploring coast and moorland, museums and parks all over the UK.  He travelled down mines, on boats and even on several steam trains.

Several years ago, Barney assisted Kirsty in completing her HNC in Canine Behaviour and Training, a two year course that involved, amongst other things, teaching Barney various canine disciplines, such as agility, flyball, tracking and obedience.  Throughout the course, Barney was a constant, calming, steady influence.  He enjoyed himself thoroughly and always attempted anything that was asked of him.

Following on from this, Barney also learnt how to be an assistance dog, as Kirsty took him to training classes when she was a trainer for Canine Partners.  Barney was taught how to empty washing machines, remove socks and various other day-to-day tasks as part of his role as a Canine Partners Demonstration dog for the area.

As a senior citizen, Barney lived a more relaxed life, however he was always the heart and soul of our family group, being Great-Uncle Barney to our first litter of puppies.  He enjoyed nothing more than playing with the puppies in the garden and rolling on the grass in the sunshine. Barney passed away in December 2014 and is very much missed by us all, humans and dogs.

Barney, Max and KirstyBarney on the beachRich, Kirsty and Barney

Cownbred Lucky Penny "Kara"

Our feisty little tricolour girl, she wasn't with us long but made a lasting impression & was a sweetheart.

Barney and KaraKara in the snowKara at 6 months


Taboo Blue Mist at Haradale "Max"

The first dog I owned after leaving home, this blue merle Rough Collie had a big impact on my life, he travelled everywhere with us and once joined by Barney, he was one half of a fantastic duo.

Max with baby BarneyMax and Barney in DevonMax in Scotland