Koczkodan Sweet Dreams of Lizoni (Dolly) and Koczkodan Sweet As Honey (Archie)

These two puppies from Clara's second litter (born summer 2019) are part of the next generation of Koczkodan Smooth Collies to hit the show ring.  Now 7 months old, these babies have a lot of growing up to do and are going to have a lot of fun along the way!

Dolly and Archie


Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show, 2nd February 2020

Judge: Amy Kinsey (Sturtmoor)


2nd: Miss A Richardson – Koczkodan Sweet Dreams of Lizoni – 7 months old, tri bitch. This bitch has a lot to offer but a little raw at present. Lovely shape overall, with a sweet head and alert expression with ears used at all times. Good dark eye, obliquely set with level plains, and clean throughout.  Front needs to tighten a little due to age but rear angulation and lovely tight feet made her move extremely well once settled.  Arched neck and lovely long tail which wagged non-stop. Look forward to seeing this one mature over time (BPB).

3rd: Miss E Wilson-Brain – Koczkodan Sweet As Honey litter brother to 2nd. Much of the same qualities just looser in elbow at present.

Lichfield Canine Society Premier Show, 25th January 2020

Judge: Kathie Kinton (Kinaway)


Litter brother & sister who I am sure will change places many times throughout their showing career, little to split the two but 1st a bit more settled therefore moved better.

1st: Richardson’s Koczodan Sweet Dreams of Lizoni. Tri bitch just 6 months old front angulation good. Well-shaped & placed ears. Correct aloof & proud expression. Once settled moved correctly with a good side gait. Best Puppy

2nd: Wilson-Brain’s Koczodan Sweet as Honey Tri male good front angulation. Well set & placed ears. Wedge head & good expression. A little unsettled on the move so not moving out as well as 1st.  Sure, it will come together with more ring experience.