Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan "Dilys"

1 x CC

5 x BOB, 3 x RBOB, 2 BVIS, 4 x BVIB, 1 x G2, 1 x G3, 2 x Pastoral AV Veteran 1, 1 x Pastoral AV Veteran 2, 1 x Pastoral AV Veteran 4

Dilys joined our family in November 2009 and is now eight years old.  She is the second of Delia Moores' dogs that she has entrusted to us for safekeeping and we are very grateful.

Dilys is a tri-colour Smooth Collie, having rich tan and jet black markings.  Dilys is the livewire of the family, always active, very quick and very clever.  A playful and cuddly girl, Dilys is very much the tomboy, loving to rough and tumble in the garden.  She is also quite a showgirl, she is relaxed and confident and enjoys strutting her stuff in the ring as she adores being centre of attention.  We are so proud of her for gaining a Challenge Certificate in 2014 at Lancashire and Cheshire Collie Club Championship Show and now several Best Veteran Awards too.  Outside of showing, Dilys has gained her Bronze Good Citizen's Award.

Dilys has a fantastic pedigree, being daughter of the wonderful Tatu (Ch Sandcastle's True Topic) and Dawn (Manordeifi Silver Dawn JW). Her maternal grandmother was Ch Silver Serenade (who was also the mother of our blue merle dog, Barney).


Manordeifi Satin Doll for Koczkodan - 4 generation pedigree

Sandcastle’s True Topic

Sandcastle's Truth Or Dare

Sandcastle's Trick Or Treat

Raynoor Self Made Man

Sandcastle's Happy with Hilma

Sandcastle's Skinnydipping

Baubon's Oklahoma Oliwer

Goldbody's Classy Coctail

Sandcastle's Sweet Valentine

OneWay’s Errol Flynn

OneWay's Got To Be A Lover

Fairlines Last Born

Sandcastle's Oliwia Swing

Baubon's Oklahoma Oliwer

Sandcastle's Naked Truth

Manordeifi Silver Dawn

Rowvale Storm Rising at Southcombe

Southcombe Scotch On The Rocks

Southcombe Smart Alec

Southcombe Select Gold

Rowvale Rose Marie

Sharidon Silver Phantom at Foxearth

Southcombe Solitaire at Rowvale

Manordeifi Silver Serenade

Manordeifi Star Buster of Patlyns

Foxearth Tinsmith at Cownbred

Manordeifi Lady Samantha

Manordeifi Black Agnes

Hilltarn Lucifer

Manordeifi Lady McBeth

Dilys with her daughter Enza

Previous Show Results

 October 2018

Lancs & Cheshire Collie Open Show

1st VB, BVIB, BVIS, Bart Vandaele, '9 years old bitch, tricolour. Correct size, in good condition, correct head proportions, light but perceptible stop, black nose, scissor bite, correct colour and shape of the eyes, semi-erect ears, good length of neck, correct topline, tail reaching at the hock, chest deep, well sprung ribs, angulations in fore- and hindquarters in balance, oval feet, free smooth and tireless movement, coat: hair of correct texture and colour.'

September 2018

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show

3rd VD/B, Brenda Trundley

June 2018

British Collie Club Open Show

2nd VD/B, Cathy Howard 'tri colour bitch of 8 years, nice head, eye and expression with well set correct ears, nice length of neck with good front assembly, length of back and rear angulation, moved well but outmoved on the day by 1.'

May 2018

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show

2nd VD/B, RBB, Rod Slater '8 yr young tri bitch, another fine exhibit from this kennel.  She was not very happy, but the quality was there and she put the effort in but on the day this was not enough.'

March 2018

British Collie Ch Show

2nd VD/B, RBVIB, John Geddes 'Another good bitch with nice head, eye a shade light but pleasing expression, good angulation and free movement. '

February 2018

Matlock Open Show

1st OD/B, Best AV Pastoral Veteran, BOB, Pastoral Group 3, Pastoral Veteran Group 1, Angela Harvey 'Loved this tricolour veteran bitch. Fabulous head, totally clean through cheeks and skull with a wonderful fill of muzzle, excellent chin giving a well blunted profile. Feminine, elegant and filled with dignity, she  combines strength with just enough substance. Moved without any effort. I preferred the expression of my Post Grad winner (who happens to be her daughter) but when presented with this lovely mature female showing off such a fabulous head from every angle, how could I resist? and with that touch of extra substance, I could not deny 'mum' a well deserved BOB, Group 3 and Best Pastoral Veteran.'

December 2017

Bridlington Open Show

2nd AVNSC O, Colin Ashmore

November 2017

Collie Association Ch Show

3rd VD/B, Mrs J Milligan

November 2017

L&P Ch Show

2nd VB, Isobel Griffiths 'Also tri. Pleasant head, eye and ears, good bone and feet, well angulated and held level topline. Slightly longer in loin. V. well trained and so attentive throughout.'

August 2017

EACA Ch Show

2nd VD/B, Mrs A Hodgson 'Tri b same age as 1, very nicely made, excellent in head and expression, flat skull, not quite the movement of 1.'

June 2017

London Collie Club Ch Show

2nd VB, Eleanor Kitchen 'Tri bitch of different make to first enjoying her day out, put down in good order.and another sound on the move.'

British Collie Club Open Show

3rd OB, Ann French

May 2017

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show

1st VB, BViB, Duna Jones ' Nice bitch with good head.  Neat ears, nice eye and moved well.'

Smooth Collie Club Open Show

1st VB, Marianne Benton 'Tri of nearly 8 showing her age a bit but still has a sweet head and expression. Nice stop and good ear set, Long neck, good shoulder placement, nice length in back. Well angulated in front and rear. Moved well. Just preferred Little Summers overall balance for BV'

Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch Show

3rd VB, Ann Hassock

April 2017
Mansfield Open

1st. AVNSC Open, BVIB, 2nd AV Veteran Pastoral, Lynne Salt '7 years bitch. Clean wedge shaped head with dark almond shaped eye. Straight front & nice body shape with sound hindquarters. Moved well.'

March 2017

British Collie Club Ch

1st VD/B, BVB, BVIB, BVIS, MR C-P Fricke (Mr J Luscott in show award) " tri bitch, 7½ years old, well balanced overall appearance, faultless head proportions, eyes dark correctly shaped, correct flat skull, ears folded correctly, very good neck & back outer lining, depth of breast very good, straight front, stands nicely, moves effortlessly."

February 2017

Matlock Open Show

1st O, RBOB, Yvonne McGrath '7 year old bitch, superbly constructed and oh so sound, particularly good in return of upper arm. Very well proportioned and powered around the ring just lost out to her glamorous kennel-mate. RBOB'

Yorkshire Collie Club Open

2nd VB, Joy Walker ' a gleaming 7½ year old tri whose coat was presented in peak condition. Her head handled well, correct stop, dark eyes, neat well placed & used ears all combining to give the expression I was looking for. She has reach of neck, length of back & enough bone & substance. She is nicely constructed with correct topline & strong quarters. Moved true in both directions but couldn’t match the movement of 1.'

December 2016

3rd VB, Mr B House

British Collie Open Show
1st OB, RBB, Mr A Staniland 'good black coloured coat and well balanced body shape. Clean head, neat ears which she used well, moved well and an excellent show girl.'

November 2016
Collie Association Ch Show
1st OB, Sheila Beeney '7 year old tricolour, balanced feminine head, lovely length of neck, depth of chest, and very well constructed, well set long tail, moved well.'

May 2016
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Ch
2nd OB, Hugh Jones 'Appealing head and expression, good reach of neck and level topline. Would have liked a little more turn of stifle.'

February 2016
Yorkshire Collie Open
2nd OB, Michelle Fort '
tri head handles well, good length of neck and tail and depth in body, stood four square on good legs and feet.'

November 2015
Collie Association Ch
2nd OB, Peter Sewell 'tri of good size, shown in god coat and condition. Although stronger in head had well placed eye and ear set but a bit more reluctant to use them. Moved okay.'

May 2015
Collie Association Open
1st OB, RBOB, RBB, Ann French 'super tri bitch now just over 5 years old.  No secret I think she has it all.  Extra feminine with most beautiful head and ear carriage.  Oozes quality with beautiful outline, correct upperarm, holds her topline all the while and can outmove all else with her front extension & rear drive. Showed well.  Quite why she still awaits the upper house is a mystery. Sadly, in the challenge she was much more interested in tidbits and fox poo in the grass.'

February 2015
St Helen's & District Open
1st OB, BOB, Fay Hutchings 'A Tri Bitch, I have always liked, pretty head and eye, correct front and hind angulation, looks a picture stood, does tuck up a little. moved beautifully with good extension to win Best of Breed'

September 2014
Darlington Ch
1st OB, BOB, Bridgette Bodle, 'really lovely 5 year tri girl with such a beautiful flowing shape, feminine head with a sweet expression, clean neck & well laid shoulders, super topline & shapely quarters. I enjoyed  watching her on the move as she has such ease of stride but still displaying good reach & drive. Liked her very much.'

May 2014
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch
1st OB, RBOB, BCC, Mr Peter Bailey, '4 years tri, I like the head pattern on this bitch, she has a lovely expression coming from the best of balanced muzzle, stop & backskull, her eyes are lovely, ears are correct, her coat & condition was lovely, movement was sound & true, good front extension & rear drive, legs & feet with good pasterns.  I was very pleased to award her the CC, well done'

 Yorkshire Collie Club Open
2nd OB, Judith Gregory, '4 year old tri-coloured bitch. Perfect bite, not as feminine as 1st and not as well placed ears. Lovely croup and well set tail.'

March 2014

British Collie Club Ch

VHC OB, Mrs Ruth Gibson

December 2013

British Collie Club Open
2nd OB, Lena Newman 'tricolour with pleasant expression, her skull could be flatter but she has good ears, well proportioned with good angulation front and back and she moved well and effortlessly.'


May 2013
Scottish Kennel Club Ch
1st LB, Derek Smith 'Quality tri, liked her head very much, super ears. Just a touch full in eye. Good neck & beautiful body & outline, well pigmented, in lovely condition, moves well holding her good outline at all times'

Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch
1st LB, Jeff Horswell 'Very easy moving tri bitch, who held the best topline of these three.Maybe not quite the head of 2nd, but it is feminine, flat skull, dark eyes, enough neck. Fairly good front. Well sprung ribs and strong in loin. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Just a tad untidy in front.'

Yorkshire Collie Club Open
2nd OB, Simon Burton 'Not sure if I have seen this 3½yrs tri bitch before but she is rather nice and mother of the two juniors. Half sister to 1 and the same workmanlike construction. Quality head with lovely length, level planes and correct placement of stop giving an excellent profile. Eye is a good shape but not quite the expression of 1 as I found her a touch wide between the eyes. Ears correctly tipped and carried better than 1. Well angulated front and good depth of mature body but would like less length of loin. Neat at the rear with well turned stifles and nice short rear pasterns which gave her drive on the move. She goes with easy extension on a good length of stride, perhaps a touch slack in topline but she scored over 3 with her ground coverage and her better length to height proportions. In good coat of correct texture.'

March 2013
1st LB, Mrs P Sewell 'Tri appeals for nice overall body outline, good front & rear angulation with balanced head, nice eye & neat ears, moved soundly'

February 2013

Pontefract Open
2nd AVNSC Pastoral Open, Mr M Robinson

Darlington Open

2nd Open, Mrs K Whittingham

December 2012

Res LB, Eleanor Kitchen

September 2012
Smooth Collie Club of GB Ch
1st LB, Trevor Hayward 'Tri, balanced refined head, well shaped eye and good ears, nice expression, needs to fill in backskull. Excellent conformation and superb condition. Very sound mover.'

January 2012

Manchester Ch
2nd L Bitch, Kevin Young 'Another lovely tri bitch that is a good size and shape, good front and rear quarter, well balanced, just preferred the head on the winner, showed well and moved well.'

December 2011


3rd LB, Stella Clark

September 2011
Smooth Collie Club of GB Ch
1st PGB, Liz Cartledge '2 year old tri, calm and relaxed showgirl with an attractive head and clean and well presented coat. Easy mover, responded well to her handler. Charming personality and excellent body and depth. Handled to advantage.'
City of Birmingham Ch
1st PGB, Derek Smith 'Very shapely tri, excelling in neck and outline, full Collie markings, decent head and good ears, excellent mover being sound and fluid.'

May 2011

Lancs and Cheshire Collie Club Ch

1st PGB, Nick Smith '20 mth tri still very raw but has a nice clean head and good neck. Her chest still needs to  drop. She has good angulations fore and aft and moved well.'

March 2011
1st PGB, 1st LB, Tony Foulston 'Lovely type tri bitch with a really well balanced wedge shaped head, correct well placed eye, well set ears that she used well, the all combined to give a feminine expression. Good length of neck leading to a very well balanced and correctly built body. Moved very well in all directions. Very close to top honours.’

February 2011

Pontefract & District Open
2nd JB, AVNSC, R Oldham

November 2010

Collie Association Open
2nd JB, Frank Kane

Smooth Collie Club of GB Ch
3rd JB, 3rd NB, Pat Lister

September 2010

Darlington Ch
2nd JB, 1st PGB, Jeff Horswell 'Very good shape, just needs to body up now, feminine head with dark eye, fair front, just a bit loose moving, nice rear.'

July 2010

Leeds Ch
3rd PB, Anne Smith 'An excellent class, I’m sure these girls will all swap places on another day, just noticed all the placed puppies are by the BOB!'