Daisy at six months

Koczkodan Midnight Sun JW "Daisy"

 SCCGB Puppy of the Year 2019, 1 x RBPIS, 2 x Pastoral Group 3, 1 x Pastoral Group 4, 1 x Puppy Group 1, 1 x Puppy Group 2, 6 x BPIB, 3 x BOB, 3 x RBOB, 3 x Best AVNSC


Daisy was born in January 2018, one of a litter of four puppies from our Clara.  Her sire is our sable & white boy, Finn and we are delighted with the puppies from this litter.  Daisy is outgoing and adventurous and loves having fun with our other dogs, particularly River who is her best friend and Dilys who is the playful 'aunt'.  Daisy has joined our other dogs in the show ring, highlights being winning The Smooth Collie Club Puppy of the Year Award 2019 and gaining her Junior Warrant in June 2019, an amazing start and lots of fun to be had with her in the future we hope.

Koczkodan Midnight Sun - 4 generation pedigree

Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan Timonan Nero Nestor Honey Melon Hartley Henry Dandinas Amazing Spirit
Finn-Beauty’s Gipsy Girl
Timonan Kimmy Kidilee Cepu-Jesse’s Electric Egge
Timonan Eve Evonne
Sandcastle’s All Dressed Up Sandcastle’s Zoot Suit Bell Pepper’s Datapen
Oneway’s New Sensation
Sandcastle’s Oops I Did It Again Sandcastle’s Oklahoma Obelix
Sandcastle’s Oh’ La La
Breckamore Bittersweet for Koczkodan Foxearth Frappuccino Foxearth Finlander of Sturtmoor Kangasvuokon Put Up The Pow-wow
Foxearth Eternal Flame
Sandcastle’s All Dressed Up Sandcastle’s Zoot Suit
Sandcastle’s Oops I Did It Again
Breckamore Bridget Jones Foxearth Flock Master for Breckamore Foxearth High Frequency
Sandcastle’s As You Like It at Foxearth
Foxearth Finger Print Sandcastle’s True Topic
Foxearth Sticky Fingers with Breckamore

Daisy standing

Previous Show Results

November 2019

Collie Association Champ Show

1st PGB, Sue Bird ' Nice head & expression, good eye shape, correct bite with good under jaw, strong neck & well laid shoulders, good length of back & well-muscled hindquarters allowed steady movement.'

October 2019

Grantham Open Show

1st AVNSC PG, Mrs P Lepley ' Smooth Collie. Well proportioned, feminine bitch with good head, correct eyes and a lovely expression. Good shoulders and body. Excellent movement.'

Lancs & Cheshire Collie Open Show

1st PGB, Jan Milligan 'Sable well balanced with nice eye and expression ears a little light but did not distract.  Good depth of chest and neat feet.  Moved well holding topline.'

September 2019

Darlington Champ Show

1st PGB, Di Spavin ' Two nice bitches, lovely to go over, super head and eye, well placed mobile ears, good front and forechest, strong neck, pleasing topline, well bent stifles, harsh waterproof coat.'

City of Birmingham Champ Show

Res PGB, Robin Newhouse

Smooth Collie Club of Great Britain Champ Show

Res PGB, Frank Kane

July 2019

Leeds Champ Show

2nd PG Bitch, Bev White ' Smaller s/w bitch who is very feminine. Well balanced with correct conformation and moved very well. Head is clean and she has a lovely dark eye. Very light ears.'

East of England Champ Show

2nd JB, 1st PG Bitch, Sheila Beeney, 'Another sable bitch, not quite as well proportioned as 1, correct length of neck, good depth of chest, good topline, low set tail, would like a little more bone. Preferred the head of 1.'

June 2019

Smooth Collie of The Year

Puppy of The Year 2019, Caz Waterhouse 'For me today The Smooth Puppy of the Year 2019 was awarded to KOCZKODAN MIDNIGHT SUN, her femininity I found very appealing. She was completely balanced on the move giving her the edge over the rest.'

Chesterfield & Pinxton Open Show

3rd AVNSC Junior, 2nd AVNSC PG, Richard Lucas

London Collie Club Champ Show

2nd Junior Bitch, 1st PG Bitch, Pat Lister 'A little finer bitch, good topline, sweet head and lovely eye placement and shaped. Showed and moved well.'

British Collie Club Open Show

1st Junior Bitch, 1st PGB, Doris McDade 'sable nice shape well balanced throughout moved well.'

May 2019

Staffordshire & Birmingham Open Show

2nd Junior, 1st PG, Joe Smith, '17 month old bitch. Scored for outline. Lovely overall proportions. Well balanced head piece. Very good croup and tail set.' 1st AV Junior, 1st AV PG, Sue Nicholls-Ward

Yorkshire Collie Open Show

1st Limit, RBOB, Yvonne McGrath

Coventry Open Show

2nd JB, 1st PGB, Mike Vines ' 16 month sable Smooth Collie, did well to represent the breed, so much to like about her, just came up against a very strong OES, liked her for type, profile and presentation. Best of heads, especially well placed ears. Top and under lines good. So very well balanced on the move, reach and drive coupled to pace completed the picture. Well done.'

Scottish Kennel Club Ch Show

2nd JB, 1st PGB, Duna Jones, ' Bigger type bitch, nice head, good eye and neat ears.  Good body and moved quite well.'

Collie Association Open Show

2nd Sp Yearling Bitch, Julia Swann, ' stunning young lady who was so well made I am sure she will have a great future a good size and shape nice breed type good temperament and so nice to go over lots to like about her moved very soundly both ways feet well padded and nice short nails deep chest firm top line nice tail carried well on the move low coat in lovely condition.'

Smooth Collie Club of GB Open Show

2nd Junior Bitch, 2nd PG Bitch, Kate Arrowsmith, 'Sixteen month old sable and white. Another attractive show girl, feminine head, well place ears, nicely set tail, carried well on the move.'

Birmingham National Ch Show

3rd JB, Simon Burton, 'Balanced lighter boned s/w with a sweet expression who didn’t have the extension or drive on the move of 1 & 2 today.'

Lancs & Cheshire Collie Club Ch Show

1st JB Sandra Wigglesworth 'upstanding bitch putting on a good show performance, being longer in vertebrae consequently looked instantly bigger, head handles well, and gave everything to her handler, strode out but rather happy with her tail.'

April 2019

Colne, Nelson & District Open Show

1st AVNSC Junior, 1st AVNSC PG, Best AVNSC, Pastoral Group 4, Gerry McCallum 'Sable and White B of around 15 months old. Look of quality about her. Very typical in head with correctly shaped muzzle and correct stop. Bite good. Well set semi erect ears, carried correctly. Eye and expression good. Neck of a lovely length. Front assembly good. Perhaps a shade short in body. Quarters angled very well and croup and tailset good. Moved very well.'

Eastwood Open Show

1st AVNSC Junior, 2nd AVNSC PG, Bridgette Bodle '15 mth sable b, she has such a lovely outline, blunt wedge head with well set ears and sufficient underjaw, straight front and deep brisket, good length of neck and tidy elbows, moved out smoothly and easily'

Derby Open Show

1st AVNSC Junior, 1st AVNSC PG, David Hubble 'Nice bitch with a good head and expression, good reach of neck and length of back, moved freely with reach and drive RBOB'

Edwinstowe Open Show

1st Junior, 1st Post Graduate, Best of Breed,Chris Biggs, 'beautiful S/W wedged head almond eye correctly placed good stop well placed ears strong arched neck good shoulder placement body slightly longer that height tail well set on carried low on move well muscled thighs which show in her movement best mover of the day B.O.B G3.'

1st AV Junior, 1st AV Post Graduate, Pastoral Group 3, Edith Pryor

Mountsorrel Open

AVNSC 3rd Graduate, Allyson King

Wellingborough Open Show

AVNSC 1st Junior, 1st PG, Best AVNSC, Pastoral Group 3, Hazel Fitzgibbon ' Smooth collie with so much to like. Feminine head with well set and used ears. Good reach of neck into clean shoulder. Moving out with reach and drive apparent. Lovely bitch.'

Mansfield Open Show

AVNSC 1st Junior, Margaret Harkin, ' lots to like about this feminine girl, very alert & moved freely with drive.'

March 2019

Retford Open Show

AVNSC 2nd Junior, 2nd PG, Tony Drinkwater, '14 months clean shape not over done good shaped head dark eye correct dentition good coat moved well'


3rd JB, Zena Thorn-Andrews

British Collie Club Ch Show

1st JB, Michelle Fort '14 month sable, with nice outline and overall balance, nice head eye and expression and ears, nice neck, straight front oval feet good body and topline, well angulated, moved soundly'

February 2019

Newark Open Show

2nd AVNSC Junior, Karen Willoughby 'Good head and ears, moved very well.'

Matlock Open Show

1st Junior, RBOB, Paula Meacham, 'Bitch Sable & White. Nice wedge head, good eye, ears could be higher, neck a little short but goes into a nice back and tail, needs longer stride in front but moves well behind with neat feet and good bend on stifle. Res breed of breed.'

St Helen's Open Show

1st Junior, RBOB, Kate Holinshead, '13 month  feminine s/w bitch lovely dark almond eye with sweet expression, well placed ears which she used well, nice bone, well arched neck, in good coat,  moved and showed well.'

Yorkshire Collie Open Show

2nd PGD/B, Sophie Wray, '13 months sable bitch of a very similar type to the winner. Many of the previous comments apply here. Very pretty with a lovely eye. Ears are well placed, but just a little light compared to the winner.'

Isle of Ely Open Show

2nd Junior, Evan L Ryan 'presents a balanced outline standing & moving. Good head and eye, very keen in expression and well pigmented; enough neck & shoulder, firm topline & neat underline, not quite the accuracy when moving of Vaguley Blue today but one to be proud of. Presented in great condition.'

2nd AV Junior, Kirsty Miller, ' lovely sized and well balanced Sable & White Smooth Collie bitch. Good head proportions, with slight but perceptible stop. Correctly shaped, dark brown eye, giving the desirable expression. Brilliant reach of neck and excellent depth of chest. Firm topline with good rise over the loin. Hindquarters well-muscled. Moved with drive and sound behind, just pinned slightly in front. Went around the ring well in profile.'

January 2019

Cambridge Open Show

1st J, RBOB, Felicity Snook, 'Nice sable and white bitch, just over a year old, presented in excellent condition. Good head proportions, with slight but perceptible stop. Pleasing dark brown eye, giving sweet expression. Would prefer ears to be carried a little more semi-erect for perfection. Up on patterns, showing flexibility without weakness. Good reach of neck and excellent depth of chest. Rather a compact body, which I would have preferred slightly longer. Noticeable when compared to the Open class winner. But nice firm, level back with correct rise over the loin. Well-muscled hindquarters allowing her to give drive from the rear to move and cover the ground well. Tail nicely reaching her hock joint. Super oval feet, with arched toes, close together. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.' 2nd AV J, Lynn Dumbrell

Manchester Ch Show

2nd JB, Robin Searle 'Thought her head better than first, very nice coat presentation, well done, needs to fill in.'

December 2018

LKA Ch Show

1st PB, BPB, RBPIB, Brian Hawkins, 'Well presented sable & white. Good head properties and pleasing eye and expression. Good reach of neck and balanced body. She moves and covers the ground very well.'

Burton on Trent Open Show

1st PD/B, RBOB, BPIB, Abby Lusty, ' 11 month old sable and white bitch. Compact bitch with feminine head. Good fill of foreface, head needs time to develop but she is young. A little open in angulation but balanced. Excellent depth of chest, would prefer a tad more length but she was long enough. Good drive from the rear on the move. BP and RBOB. Pleased to see her awarded Puppy G2' Pastoral Puppy G2, Sandra Gibson

November 2018

Collie Association Ch Show

3rd PB, Mrs J Gregory

October 2018

Clitheroe & District Open Show

1st Puppy, BPIB, Pastoral Puppy G1, Angela Harvey, 'Elegant sable bitch of 11 months, everything in proportion. Head handles well with clean cheeks, no depth or flare and a lovely flat skull, very mature for her age. Feminine expression. Well muscled body with good depth of rib, nicely angulated, moderate length of arched neck, collected, stylish and sound on the move.  Best puppy in breed and Pastoral Puppy Group One.'

Lancs & Cheshire Collie Open Show

1st PB, BPIB, RBPIS, Bart Vandaele, '9 months old, sable. in excellent condition, head in proportion to the body, correct head proportions, slight but perceptible stop, black nose, correct colour of the eyes, ears could be more semi-erect , scissor bite, good length of neck, correct topline: loin slight rising, tail reaching at the hock, chest deep, well sprung ribs, angulations in fore- and hindquarters in balance, feet oval, sound movement, coat: hair of correct texture and colour. Nice temperament, very well presented.'

September 2018

Driffield Ch Show

2nd AVNSC PB, Dave Killilea, '8 month old Smooth Collie with a pleasing head and good neck and shoulders.  Stands parallel in front and firm through the body for her age.  Firm in the rear and moves well for her age.'

Darlington Ch Show

1st PB, RBB, BPIB, Bill Rogerson, 'Super sable and white bitch that stood and showed herself off.  Lovely head, dark eyes and ear carriage.  Excellent reach of neck and topline.  Good bend of stifle.  Moved very well and carried her tail correctly.  One I believe will have a great future.'

Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show

2nd PD/B, Brenda Trundley 'has a lovely outline, just preferred the dog's expression'

City of Birmingham Ch Show

Res PB, Jill Peak

Smooth Collie Club of GB Ch Show

2nd PB, Val Geddes, 'Smaller s/w very compact but all in proportion, sweet head and expression, good outline and moved well. Hope she grows on.'

August 2018

Scunthorpe Open Show

2nd AVNSC P, Bridgette Bodle, ' Such a pretty fawn b, good wedge head and well used ears, lovely neck and shoulders, firm in topline and loin, in muscled condition, moved out well in profile but just a little loose when coming to. '

EACA Ch Show

3rd PB, Natalja Skalin

July 2018

Leeds Ch Show

1st PB, BPIB, Jan Starkey 'Lovely puppy, good head and eye, well constructed with lovely jacket of good clear colour, moved and showed very well, Best Puppy.'

York Open Show

1st AVNSC P, BPIB, Mike Vincent ' s/w of lovely type. Super head, eye and expression. Good front, shoulder, chest and topline. Well ribbed, good rear. Moved soundly.'

NWPB Ch Show

2nd PB, Derek Smith, ' High quality s/w with a super body for a tender age, liked her head very much but could use a little more underjaw and ears need attention, lovely coat and condition and a sound mover.'