2018 litter - River & Finn

Koczkodan Serenity (River) x Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan (Finn), August 2018






Koczkodan Perfect Peace 'Milo'

Milo has stayed in North Yorkshire and is settling in well with his new family.

"Milo has settled in very well. We love him dearly already. He is such a chilled out pup. I'm seeing a lady on Monday for weekly puppy training sessions. Just given him a tummy stroke from you. He looks tired and ready for bed. He has been a dream with sleeping many nights straight through in his crate and so lovely and playful during the day. Thank you!"

Milo at 4 months old

Koczkodan Totally Tranquil 'Hermes'

Hermes has also stayed locally, he now lives near Wakefield & is having a lot of fun with his new family.

"He had a good journey home, a bit restless but OK. He's been exploring the garden and peed in the correct place! He's just now gobbled down his lunch and gone outside again for a poo! Despite all his lovely toys, his most favourite thing at the moment is a tatty old rag he found in the garden!"

Hermes at 4 months old