2018 litter - Clara & Finn

Breckamore Bittersweet for Koczkodan (Clara) x Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan (Finn), January 2018





Daisy at 7 weeks

Koczkodan Midnight Sun "Daisy"

Daisy is staying with us & has settled well into life in the Koczkodan clan.

Daisy at 11 weeks
Wilbur at 7 weeks

Koczkodan Midnight Stars "Wilbur"

Wilbur has moved to the Cumbrian coast, where he has settled in well and is a much loved (and cheeky) member of his family.

"Wilbur has had his vaccination, didn't even flinch. Vet said he's a good strong boy and that he stands beautifully. He was as good as gold in the waiting room just looking around him but not phased by anything ... and he was so chilled on the way home. We took him into ... work on the way home and he just sat in my arms and let everyone one fuss him ...a mountain rescue dog trainer took him off me and cuddled him and he never bothered at all. He was praising how good and placid he was. Now he's home and having a well earned snooze"

Wilbur growing up into a handsome boy
Newton at 7 weeks

Koczkodan Midnight Moon "Newton"

"He's been brilliant, settled after a short time in his crate next to my bed, 2 toilet breaks during the night, settled pretty much straight away after each, then up at 6.30. Throughout the day he's been settling down better and better for naps when he shows signs of tiredness, and he's done most of his toileting in the garden. He's eating well, and is keen to explore! I couldn't ask for more from him! "

"He's such a dude, he's been enjoying a stuffed Kong for lunch, then popped himself to sleep while I was in the other room!"

Newton with a toy
Zouki at 9 weeks

Koczkodan Midnight Sky "Zouki"

"Hello, both from us and from puppy Zouki who is settling in very well in his new house. He is a very nice, sweet and lovely little guy!"

"I just wanted to give you some news on Zouki as he is such a lovely boy. He is really a fast learner and he learns practically one "behaviour" in 1 day. He is always ready to please us and sometimes is expecting the same from us when we are playing with him!!  He is a keen observer and walking on a lead is a pleasure for us and for him as well."

Zouki in the woods