2012 litter - Dilys & Finn

Ch Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan (Finn) x Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan (Dilys), D.O.B. 17th May 2012

Dilys and Finn

Nosblyth a.k.a. Enzo

Koczkodan Nosblyth "Enzo"

Always the thinker, Enzo has grown up into a lovely, happy boy who now lives with Debbie and her family.

Nos Kerenza a.k.a. Enza

Koczkodan Nos Kerenza "Enza"

This little girl has stayed with us and is a constant source of affection and amusement.  She has grown up into a very pretty lady.

Nossterenn a.k.a. Nell

Koczkodan Nossterenn "Nell"

The biggest and boldest of the litter, this little girl lives with her sister, Maeve, and their new family.

Mawgan a.k.a. Monty

Koczkodan Mawgan "Monty"

Monty was always playful and very vocal, he now lives with his new family including his half-brother Percy from our 2016 litter.

Gwynek a.k.a. Eric

Koczkodan Gwynek "Eric"

The quiet boy of the litter, Eric is a real gentleman and enjoys living with his family in Devon.

Morenwyn a.k.a. Maeve

Koczkodan Morenwyn "Maeve"

Our special little girl, this livewire now lives with her sister Nell and her new family.

Gwynnder a.k.a. Gwynndy

Koczkodan Gwynnder "Gwynndy"

Gwynndy is the boldest boy in the litter and has joined his new family in Scotland where he loves to roam and play.