Smooth Collies have been a part of our lives for over fifteen years, all our dogs are family pets first and foremost. Our two oldest adult dogs, Finn (Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan) and Dilys (Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan) are also the foundation stone of our kennels at our home in North Yorkshire, from which we aim to breed happy, healthy, good quality Smooth Collies.  Dilys won the Bitch Challenge Certificate and Reserve Best of Breed at Lancashire and Cheshire Collie Club Championship Show and Best of Breed at Darlington Championship Show in 2014.  Finn has also had a good show career to date, including winning the Reserve Challenge Certificate at London Collie Club Championship Show, the RCC at LKA Championship Show, the DCC at the Welsh Kennel Club Show in 2016 followed by the DCC at SKC and RCC at LKA in 2017.  The first show of 2018, Manchester Championship Show saw him gain another RCC and London Collie Club in June, his 3rd CC making him up into a Champion, our very first.

In 2012 we had our first litter and from that we have our lovely tri-colour girl Enza and her brother Enzo lives with Deb (our dog handler in the show ring).  Both puppies gained Best Puppy in Breed wins at Championship shows and qualified for Smooth Collie Puppy of the Year 2014. Two of their siblings went to homes to learn to herd sheep and the remaining puppies from this litter are in happy pet homes where they are much loved.

In January 2016, we had a new addition to the family, Breckamore Bittersweet for Koczkodan, otherwise known as Clara, another tri-colour girl (we seem to be collecting them!) and a very pretty and cheeky one she is too.  Since she arrived she has gained her Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen's Award and has had a fantastic start to her show career with one Best of Breed, one Reserve Best of Breed, ten Best Puppy in Breed, one Puppy Group 1, one Puppy Group 2 and three Best Puppy in Show awards and a fantastic litter in early 2018.  We are excited to see what the future holds for her.

We had our second litter of puppies in 2016, from which we kept River (K. Serenity) and Ripley (K. Nostromo) is co-owned by Deb and another friend, Elaine.  These two pups have started their show careers in 2017 with several BPIB and BPIS awards between them, with Ripley gaining BIS at Yorkshire Collie Open Show. Ripley then topped that by getting the Reserve Dog CC at National Working and Pastoral Breeds in July, which is the highlight of his show career to date.  The other four puppies are in lovely homes where they are very much part of the family, the best possible place for a Smooth Collie to be!

Our third litter arrived in January 2018, this time mum was our Clara and Finn was a father again.  Four very nice puppies, three tricolour boys who are now in their new homes and a sable & white girl, Daisy, who stayed with us.

The Smooth Collie

Three colours

The Smooth Collie is a herding breed and a member of the Pastoral Group.  A medium sized dog, the bitches are slightly smaller than the dogs.  Dogs are 56-61cms tall at the shoulder and weigh between 20.5-29.5kg.  Bitches are 51-56cms tall and weigh 18-25kg. The Smooth Collie comes in three coat colours, blue merle (a pale silvery blue splashed with black), sable (ranging from a light gold colour to a rich shaded mahogany) and tri-colour (a rich, jet black with sable markings on the head and legs). All three colours have typical white collie markings, including collars, legs and sometimes tip of the tail and a blaze on the head. The coat is made up of a harsh, weatherproof outer layer and a dense, soft and warm undercoat. The Smooth Collie is recognised as a Vulnerable Native Breed with Kennel Club registrations of Smooth Collies numbering fewer than 80 per year, which is approximately ten litters of puppies.

An active, outdoor dog, the breed is a fantastic family dog, good with children and other pets, loving long walks in town and country but equally happy curled up on the sofa with someone or in front of the open fire. Our Smooth Collies love spending time with the children of family & friends, whether they are exploring in the garden or snuggled up asleep with them. Smooth Collies can get lonely if left by themselves for long periods of time, they can become noisy and will bark if not properly trained. They are very much a people dog, loving to be around the family as much as possible.